Lumi vs Phasma (Galactic War)

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I will be Lv.40 in a few days.

I have JC 4*, Barris 4*, Phasma 3*(leader), Kylo Ren 4*,..., no Duku, no Lumi Unduli, no Sidius(collecting Sidius shards in the Arena), now.

If I become Lv.40, what should I choose shards of either Lumi or Phasma in Galactic War?


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    Lumi will help tremendously. Strong attacks and a good group heal. Personally Im focusing my luminara to 7* then getting phasma the same.
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    Lumi is beter all around, including for Arena, Phasma isn't bad either. Maybe consider getting Phasma to 4* first so you can push through GW easier then get Lumi.
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    How did you get a 4* kylo ren?
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    There was the $99 pack that gave you 4* Kylo Ren, 4* Finn, and some other stuff.
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    I would do Luminara until at least 5*. Luminara has 3 farmable challenge nodes which you can use to complete her if you then wanted to shift your shipments to Phasma, or continue with Luminara. Luminara doesnt benifit a whole lot for additional stars after 5.
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    Just want to say that at lvl 4 Lumi's leader skill heals all of your chars at the begining of their turn - better then Barriss. Make Lumi 7* first - great damage, nice heal, good sustain, overall she is the best F2P toon in the game, alongside with Sid. Phasma is solid but Lumi is far better than Phasma especially between lvl 40-55. Phasma is a bit tricky so go with Lumi - it is the best choice
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