Idea for Emperor Palpatine Event

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Like the popular Yoda challenge, that players are eager to return and upgrade their Yoda that much further, we need another of the same calibur. An opposite if you will.

Please create an Emperor Palpatine Event - which unlocks Emperor Palpatine as a playable character for players.

Similar to the Yoda challenge, only Sith or other darkside lightsaber wielding characters, such as Kylo Ren or Ventress or GG can be used to unlock Emperor Palpatine.

Emperor Palpatine is already in the game to play against of LS battles - EA just make him playable and create a spectacular event to unlock him - this is the kind of thing that us players want to see - not protection bars.

Thank you


  • the Palpatine Event is already in planning.
    But there are other more important things right now.
  • Boo
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    Music to my ears - good things come to those who wait
  • Yaax64
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    It is coming tomorrow, They said that there was an Awakening...
  • Boo
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    I see, but you need all rebels!!! I only have a few and most are pretty low, lol.

    It's going to take a while, lol
  • Boo
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    I think I will miss out on tomorrow's event sadly.

    I have been playing since December and have concentrated on so many toons and factions, but rebels have been a faction I have long ignored.

    This is because the toons they released are generally poo.

    * Biggs - thinks he's all that and got shot down in the first movie (technically the 4th movie)
    * Lando - is a traitor, lol
    * Ackbar - fishman who like's to say "It's a trap" he is a joke of the star wars universe.
    * Rebel hoth soldier and rebel hoth scout - ???? who are these people again, because they don't actually have names!!!
    * Luke - this was not the version of Luke we were all looking for.
    * Storm Trooper Han - where was actual Han Solo?? Now he has been released and almost impossible to get.
    * Lobot - such a memorable character...NOT.
    * Wedge - ok character, but again was only just released for P2P
    * Leia - about the only good toon worth getting for a rebel.

    So that's it folks - why would I or any F2P player waste time on that line up??? when you have Jedi, Sith etc etc to unlock and level.

    So developers say, lets start a challenge with toons that no one really cares about and annoy the hec out of everyone who has not played this game as P2P and unlocked and levelled everyone yet...ha ha ha

    Not funny, I am sure Yoda would agree that EA's humour is a path to the dark side.
  • EA wants Money, they do not care about the happiness of their Customers. Do you remember Dungeon Keeper from 2014? They milked the Money out of the players!
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