Why do we still gain shards past max rank?

Ok I admit i got addicted to this game and bought a little too many chromian packs before my common sense kicked in to stop.
I relised certain character went way past Rank 7 in shards and others i couldnt event get to rank 5.
It would of been nice to lock a charater out of chromian packs once it had been maxed. Give the others a better chance of dropping.
Perhaps you can implement this in the future cause its totally pointless me buying anymore right now and I feel like your loosing more money from me.

You could implement a shard trader for shards you dont need, to be spend on shards you would like.


  • Rolf
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    Devs have said that there *will* be something to do with extra shards. It's just not ready yet.
    My ally code: 296-673-769. Wish we could have more than 35.
  • Like in other similar type of games, they will allow us to trade those shards with something that can only be buy by extra shards after maximise the character shards. just be patience.
  • ok thanks. good they plan ondoing something with them. Thanks for the clarification. YaY
  • You will need them when the level cap rises ...
  • If they ever raise the star cap, you will be glad you have them. :)
  • If they ever raise the star cap, you will be glad you have them. :)

    I would rather they create a tier two and start stars over. Not a fan of more than 7*
  • Nonemo
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    I'm still worried that they'll not treat the shards as what they really are: Dedicated players buying TOO MUCH stuff. Their value should be treated as 1:1 with any other shards in the chromium packs. Any solution allowing to exchange them for credits, Sim cards and the like would be a huge disincentive for me to buy any new packs now that I've gotten a few characters to 7*...
  • I wouldnt be glad if they raised star cap on characters if i have a load spare. Id be angry at them. Raising level cap and a new gear tier sure why not one day in the future. I want to collect alot of max characters so i can try different strategies not forever level and be forced to use my highest star ones cause of constant star cap increases.

    1:1 trading on chromium shards after 7 star would be great. 1:1 on cantina type cards and GW etc fine too.
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