Pain Suppression

Post your IDs. Daily active players. No children. No chat filter. Fun and friendly. Let me know and I will send you an inv come Sunday. My u/n is Rexxor.


  • Name Vikingo
    Allycode: 667-191-631
    Level: 74
    Gw wins: 98% (abouts) ; squads, lv70 and up with max or near max stars and gear.
    Main squad: luminara, sidious, consular, daka, dooku.
    Assasin squad: poggle, ig -86,-88, -100, barris.
    Sidious, vader, rg, dooku,kylo
    Phasma, luminara, daka, han,
    Tie pilot.
    40+ toons, most above 60. Always working on my bench
    best rank #17( but I smell blood, & I want #1)
    I play daily, I won't spend money, but I'm dedicated.
    Favorite star wars game is kotr.
  • Sounds good. I'll be sure to hit you when the update drops. We have multiple daily players and multiple players reaching the top 1-5 for arena daily as well. We aren't going to require any spending of money or forcing anyone to play any heroes they don't want to. Bring what you have and let's have some fun.
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