I'm looking for a chill but competitive guild

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I myself am a laid back player but still quite competitive. Ive been around since December and have rarely used money so primarily f2p (desperate moment and I spent $10 on some crystals). I play everyday because I enjoy the game and have always loved Star Wars (Kotor ftw) but rest assured I won't get upset about other players or complain since it's just a game.

Currently level 74, about to be 75. I always beat GW quite easily and normally end the day around rank 15. The highest I've hit is rank 4.

I have 7 7 star characters; fives is my champ at gear 9 ready for gear 10, savage oppress, dooku, phasma, Sid, lumi and ren are all gear 8 close to 9.

Other than them I have asajj at 6 stars, nearly 7. Qgj, clone sarge (I'm making a clone team) secura, Koth, Vader and a few others at 5 star. Quickly making their way up the ranks is Plo Koon at 4 stars but I will get him to 7 short enough to have a killer clone team. I have 50 characters total and 25 are purple geared.

My ally code is 771-957-566 should it be useful!


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    You are just the type of person my guild, Emperor's Black Bones, wants! I am striving to be a very relaxed guild. I'm accepting all types of players. I want to give everyone a chance to be competitive, and i believe with a player like you on my team, I can. Please check out my guild thread for more information. If you like what you see pm me or post on the thread. I hope to hear from you soon! -Scorn

  • We are the modal nodes!!!
    Our mission statement: We aim to provide our members with a top quality guild with big raid payouts and regular play time, we are looking for players at the top of their game who enjoy the game and who enjoy helping others improve. We aim to be a top contending guild and we will push each and every one of our members to reach their full potential.
    Check out this website for more info
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