Looking for a guild(I'm central time)

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I'm currently looking for an active guild. Im mainly looking for a guild that is trying to complete the raid and guild activities on at least a daily basis, but no neo punctual natzi's please. Just looking for a fun laid back guild who wants to progress in a fun and appropriate manner. Below is what I'm currently working with, and even though it's not a lot. I'm definitely working towards getting better characters.

I'm currently level 74, and close to being level 75.

My current 7* maxed out characters without pre crafted are

Jedi counselor
Darth sidious
Kylo Ren
Count Dooku

I'm also running with mostly maxeout gear without having any pre crafted stuff
Rey- 6*
Savage - 6*
Genosian Soldier -6*
Royal Guard -4*
Yoda 4 *
Old Ben 5*

I may not be the most advanced player, but usually reside in the Top 20 within the arena. Have placed first 3 times, and always attempt to do so if I can.


  • We are the modal nodes!!!
    Our mission statement: We aim to provide our members with a top quality guild with big raid payouts and regular play time, we are looking for players at the top of their game who enjoy the game and who enjoy helping others improve. We aim to be a top contending guild and we will push each and every one of our members to reach their full potential.
    Check out this website for more info
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    Thanks! I'll definitely check it out.
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