United States EST/EDT looking for a top tier guild

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a top level guild dedicated to SWGoH prior to the release of guilds and raids in-game. I'm extremely active and expect to compete for top-tier rewards upon the update release, so please consider me for membership in your guild if this sounds like the type of player you're interested in.

In-game player name: DarthHogya
Player Level: 75
Ally Code: 367-563-776
Number of 7* Characters: 16 (IG-88 and Poggle could make it 18)
Number of Gear 8 Characters: 14
Galactic War Wins: 98
Arena Wins: 933
Typical Arena finish rank at payout: #1/#2
Days per week you are active: 7
Timezone: United States EST

I've attached screenshots of my characters for accuracy verification. Cheers and happy hunting!



  • Very nice dude.. do you use line app to chat?
    We have about 20 members so far all played force collection .. message me in here or add me on line app.. line chat I'd is nydragonx
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