GW shipment secondary team

I have just finished maxing my Luminara, and i am wondering which character should i grind next.
My current roster is:
Sid 6* (grinding)
Lumi 7*
Luke 7*
Poe 5* (grinding)
Ben 4*

Potential toons for secondary team:
Kylo 4* (grinding)
IG 88 3*
IG 86 3*
HK 47 4*
Lando 4*
Vader 4*
Daka 4*
Talia 4*
Ima 4*
JC 3*

I am hesitating between Phasma or Droid team considering GW shipments, which one is more viable currently? And what would you change in my current setup?
Any help is really appreciated!:)


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    Well the meta will change - you should know that. Will it be about droids - i don't know. But Phasma is good for almost every team. IMO after Lumi, she is the char you need to get
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