£ Remnants of Bando Gora ¥ {RBG}

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Going to be creating a guild for those who are able to be active, and very communicative for guild activities.

Strongly prefer if you are ranking usually in the top 1000 in arena.

However, anyone who is active frequently is fine by me. We can always work on your game when the update gets rolling;)

I have a RL too, and do my share of hard work during the day. Will be using Line App to communicate so we can best start out raids when most of the guild is READY. Don't want anyone left behind on it, plus it will be easier to take it on together.

Been apart of big app guilds before, even number ones for a couple months running.

Really looking forward to Star Wars having a social aspect to it now.

Leave your Line App ID here, as well as your Star Wars app id, usually arena rank, and any other stats you wish.

Thanks, and hope to have a fun group of people.

P.S. If you don't know who the Bando Gora is, you ain't a real Fett fan ;)
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