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So Arena PVP has a 5 minute timer that is neccessary due to imperfections in the model that CG uses to determine rank. Fine.

There are multiple branching issues from this, though. Primarily, it's a problem that auto mode goes faster than when it's not. There are multiple problems with AI, not the least of which: healers trying to heal an ally with heal immunity, focus seemingly randomly switching away from opponents you'd tapped, and of course, Talia's masochistic need to heal her (sometimes perfectly healthy) team-mates when she gets hurt herself.

Controlling your characters manually means that, even when you know what moves you're going to pick, and who you're going to focus fire, you still can't go as fast as when the computer controls your people. Moves literally last more frames when you are picking moves than when you're not.

Add all that up, and you end up losing to teams would've otherwise defeated, simply because you had to sacrifice too much time controlling them manually. This is not cool.


  • I very rarely timeout in PvP. What team did you go up against?

    And this is not to discredit the issues you brought up. They're all very real and very annoying.
  • It was about a week ago, I remember it had Fives and Barriss, but not the rest. Pre-nerf, as well. I've dropped a good amount of money into crystals since then, so getting pushed out of the top 50 is really my only concern these days.

    Still, when the fix is as trivial as speeding up the animations in manual mode, it's quite frustrating indeed.
  • I just put it on auto for the last 90 seconds or for the last 1 or 2 enemies, as long as it's 5vs2 or 4vs2.
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    I just put it on auto for the last 90 seconds or for the last 1 or 2 enemies, as long as it's 5vs2 or 4vs2.

    So do I, the problem is when the match is more even and I can't afford to cede control. I've had times where the best advantage I've had was 4 or 5 against 3 right up until the last 30 seconds. Depending on cooldown status and what particular enemies are left you can't always give up control. The crazy thing is that with two tanks left, on auto my team can usually take them out in 30 seconds. I totally agree that the manual mode animations take too long in most cases.

    I guess it doesn't usually affect me, but when I do "draw" with a 3 to 1 or better advantage because of animations and glitches with target selection, it is very frustrating.

    Of course today I have used two of my attacks, and both have ended in draws that I would have won.
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