Best Team to Build Towards?

Hey everyone, just got a little question id like to ask the group. First post, so bear with me. Just downloaded this game about 5 days ago and I'm already pretty into it. With Christmas come and gone and an abundance of iTunes gift cards received, I've already invested about $200. I don't really plan on spending any more anytime soon. I used most of it on packs they had available and extra crystals went towards chromium cards. I'd like a little insight as to what team would be best for me to work towards without spending anymore. My current teams are as follows:

Light: Luke 4* (Gear 5), Chewy 4* (Gear 4), Jedi Consular 4* (Gear 4), Poe 4* (Gear 4), Luminara Unduli 3* (Gear 4)

Other notable Light characters I have include Lando, Finn, Mace, Jedi Knight, Qui-Gon, Leia, Jawa, Lobot, and Biggs

Dark: Darth Maul 4* (Gear 4), Kylo Ren 4* (Gear 3), Talia 4* (Gear 4), Cad Bane 3* (Gear 2), Phasma 3* (Gear 2)

Other notable dark characters I have include Greedo, First Order Tie Pilot, IG-88, IG-86, Nightsister Acolyte, Snowtrooper, and Royal Guard

I'm currently only level 37 (again, only had the game for 5 days) but would like to be as strong as possible for where I am. I'm currently ranked low 200s in the squad arena and haven't lost yet. I have a power rating of about 9k with my strongest lights and darks together.

Like I said, I'd love to know what I can do to improve my team with minimal to no spending from here on out. What characters should I focus on promoting and how would I go about doing that? Also, any strategies you feel might be effective with my current character load out would be very helpful.

So sorry for the incredibly long post and all of the questions, but hopefully someone can help me out! Would really appreciate any and all advice given! Thank you in advance!

P.s. I could use some allies in game as I have none lol


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    I run arena team as follow : Lumi (leader), Sid, JC, DM and Ima gun - di, and i am currenty rank 7
    Lumi is one of the best chars in this game so invest on her. The other good toon is Sid - get him as fast as you can. His DoT is priceless and heal immunity is so precious.
    So just imagine your team : Sid (leader), DM, Kylo, Lumi and perhaps Phasma or Lando. Atm AOE teams are at the top of the game.
    You have some pretty decent characters so you can build something different - DPS team for instanse. Play the game, see what you like and what is good and be crafty :)
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    Hey! Thanks for the input, friend! I am not aware of what a lot of those acronyms and abbreviations mean, but I think I get the idea! Thank you again!
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    JC - Jedi Consular
    DM- Darth Maul
    DoT - Damage over time
    AOE - area of effect
    DPS - damage per second
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    :) ty
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    Go Phasma leader, with counselor and luminara healing and dealing damage, luke for KO power, and Poe for damage mitigation.
    All are easy farms.
    When you get to lvl 60, you will have a much better understanding of the heros, and feom this base team, you can easily sub in changes.
    "There is no 'try'." - Master Yoda
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    Thank you both :) just had one more pack of 8 and picked up Daka, Dooku, and Nute. Don't know if that changes anything, but thank you for the input again!
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