Hard mode dark side 5A

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How are you suppose to kill the supercharged wookie? He gets three-four turns before I get one with Sid who is one of the fastest so he gets to spam heal while resisting ability block and heal block constantly


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    This is where you are supposed to have a nice daka trained up.
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    But does her stun actually work or is it resisted 90% off he time like Sid and boba ability blocks? This seems like a dps test which is very annoying
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    Lol, wait until 5b
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    LMAO wait until 5B!!!!!!!!

    Use mass stuns and healing immunity. He doesnt hit hard so it shouldnt be a problem. I got 2 star my first try due to Talia sucking and the ai ALWAYS targets her even if I never heal with her...because she is always low on HP. Got 3 star second try.

    5B I couldnt do until level 56 and then about 75% of the time, all 1 star except once when I almost lucked myself into 3 star with a lucky daka revive but he managed to kill talia when he had 700 HP left! :( and got 2*
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    I had fun playing vs super Wookiee. Wanted 3* and it killed off my Talia so I had to wait for Daka's revive skill to proc. Took five attempts. Meanwhile I'd just chain stun that walking carpet. But it pretty much refused to die.

    Haven't even attempted 5B yet :P
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