The Anti-social, I just want my gear, Casual Guild. [DarkAngels] Raids @ 8:00 PMCentral [50/50]FULL



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    Hi All,

    Just letting you know I've set up a similar guild (Nerf Hoarders) for any overflow from here. The errors stopped me getting into Dark's guild and I wanted to get started.

    Here's the link to the guild in forums:

    If you want an invite, post there, not here.

    Thanks for the invite Dark. Sorry it didn't work out, and I don't want to poach anyone here. Just a fallback for people not able to join.

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    So is this Guild not happening? I hope it is and I don't mind waiting but would rather know sooner than later so I don't fall to far behind.
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    Okay I think people are being pretty patient but it looks like this guild isn't happening. 24 hours silence since DarkAngel17's last post with no update and this being the second day of guilds going live is a bit to casual even for me. Thanks but I'm going to have to look for another guild. Best of luck to everyone and happy raiding.
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