[EC] Elite Casual! (offshoot of [CE] Casual Elite) -- FULL 50/50 (waitlist CLOSED)



  • I'm totally in, 28year old stock broker from Vancouver. Love sports, love games. Currently lVl 71 with 2 7* and 4 6*. Running all Jedi team and trying to get all the Jedis. In game name is Xelo Qun, code is 388-839-281.

    Hope you all ready cuz I'm coming to maple syrup all your pancakes!

  • 30 years old. INFP. Love gardening, painting, and gaming.
    Player Name: Kolver Longsdale
    Ally Code: 136-663-237
    Level: 75
    # of 7*'s: 18 +3(need gold to max out)
    # of gear 8+: 26
    Love Star Wars. Love Strategy. Have been playing since release and never stopped. Will play until the game dies or I die.
  • scootle
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    Must be that time of day... Got the three above this post added. Mmmmm.... syrup.

    If any of you care to jump on Line to chat with us all, we're here. Find me as "scootle"

    Thanks! 37/50
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • This guild sounds perfect. I'm a 33yo in the insurance industry on the EST zone. I play daily, level 75 and finish top 10 arena on average.

    I have 14 7*G8+ toons, finish GW daily, spend 600+ crystals daily and drop entirely too much money to distract me from real life priorities.

    Would love to join your guild.

    Ally code is 256-665-482

  • scootle
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    @BoboX got ya... right after i posted that last one haha. 38/50
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • scootle
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    44/50 at this point... will be reaching cutoff soon. Please ping this thread sooner than later if you are interested.

    In-game name, level, ally code, and timezone please.

    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • Sfc10463
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    @BoboX I'm an nyc based outside counsel to several insurers. If you're a claims guy we should totally work cases together and then only chat about games instead of litigating actions.
  • Count me in! Ally code is 227-383-928.

    37 year old architect in Seattle but I always find the time to play every day (even if it means losing sleep).

    Level 74 with 20 toons with at least gear 8 (some at 9).
  • Hey interested in joining! 26 safety engineer for the Navy on the east coast. Started a little late in the game but very active and level 74. Got the typical cast of 7* usually hover in the 20-50 range in the arena depending on the day.

    Ally code:721-711-481
  • Interested if you still have spots...31k arena power...11 7*..play everyday..ally code 261 996 218...level 74.... line ID is magicf16. Plant manager in the midwest
  • If you've still got room, I'd be interested in joining. Level 74, name Carnin Hase, ally code 745-995-139, timezone Central. Started playing in November, currently have 11 7* toons, lately been placing around 50 in arena. I'm a Lutheran pastor in my early 30's, married with 1 daughter and a child on the way. Not a lot of spare time, but I complete my dailies, GW, and arena battles, refresh 50/50 & 100. This guild seems right for me…
  • scootle
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    Just made it! :)@Neudawg_1 fills out the first 50/50 on our roster. I'll figure out a system to re-contact everyone so far and confirm interest so we are set for Sunday. I am happy to take further inquiries on a "waitlist" status until we finalize things in-game.

    Thanks to everyone for the interest... you guys made filling this roster easier than expected!

    More soon...
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • I was wait listed for casual elite do here's my app again
    1. 100% F2P
    2. In-game player name: Pandawan
    3. Ally Code: 442-619-263
    4. Your time zone / payout time: US pacific time
    5. Player level: 74
    6. Days per week you are active: 7, multiple times a day
    7. Number of 7* toons: 6 soon to be 8
    8. Current arena Lineup (optional): Dooku, Phasma, Lumi, Sid, Daka
    9. Current arena rank (optional): 64 at time of posting
    I finish all objectives daily and complete gw most of the time. I log in multiples times daily and am looking forward to joining!
  • Eunoe
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    I'll join the waiting list I suppose

    1. Level 73 as of this post
    2. I run droids, eight 7 star characters (7* IG-100 baby!) with two sitting at 100/100
    3. Used to be top 20 but have since fallen back into top 100
    4. I'm not an ****
    5. ally code is 519-546-573
    6. I used to play a lot of Tyrant Unleashed on Kongregate and was in a top 40 guild and so I am no stranger to weekend long raids
    7. I don't spend money on this game
  • Metasly
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    Is the still place for apply ?

    I'm Lvl 74 and play daily. I'm usualy between 100 and 50 in the arena and finish GW each day.

    My current arena team (all 7*) : Captain Phasma, Count Dooku, Luminara, Dark Sidious and Old Daka

    My ally code : 319-622-457

    Thank you
  • StBrooklyn
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    Would be interested in joining. Happy to be on the wait list for the time being. Have a full time job and no time for drama, so looking for something low key but competitive.

    Lvl 75 with 12 7 star characters and numerous other characters in the work.

    Ally Code 731:295:591

    Time Zone - EST

    IGN - StBrooklyn

    Thank you.
  • Hi! This sounds like a great grop. Please add me if you have a slot open.
    IGN: Harr Ison, Ally code - 542-541-775
    F2P, been finishing usually Top 10-20, been playing since Dec
    Currently at Level 75 , 13 going on 14 7-star toons
    active everyday - PST time zone
    have a several ally spots open as well, so please add if you have free slots too
  • scootle
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    Hey guys. Yeah, I will note the overflow (thus far) into a waitlist and touch base once we finalize things on Sunday. Please keep in touch!
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
  • R0vet
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    I'm interested in joining a casual guild.

    I'm lvl 74 F2P but sometimes I spend on crystals.

    In Game Name: Joanna
    Ally code: 679-445-167
    Line ID: r0vet
  • scootle
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    Update... we are 50/50 for the time being, and with the waitlist at about a half-dozen folks, I'll close recruitment at this time until we shake things out this week.

    Posts above this one are in the waitlist and I'll contact folks as needed when slots open up.

    Thanks for the interest!
    SWGoH Ally Code: 988-869-147 GM of [Elite Casual]
    May the Force be with you.
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