Could use some help

Been playing the game on and off a few weeks now and could use a little help with a team build for different tables. Current chars I have are
3* luminara lvl 5 gear
5* hk47 6 gear
4* maul 4 gear
4*ig88 5 gear(will be 5* tomorrow)
4* JC 4 gear
4* Finn
3* fives
Will have boba tomorrow
Have other chars as well but most of them are 1/2*.
I know I need to gear up some chars but don't wanna gear up til I know what chars I should use.


  • Nonemo
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    I think you can travel down many paths there. Personally I like the heavy DPS of the DS droids and I'd consider adding IG-86 to make the synergy better. It's free to farm too. Those three droids plus Luminara and JC would probably get you far.
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    Id run your first 5 in the list just like you listed them, and aub in 5s when you need the slow.
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    Don't underestimate your healers. JC and luminara when leveled up are great, chewy is still a great character and not real hard to level up, with 2 healers and 1 tank try adding some heavy hitters or a support
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    Thanks for the input so far. I do have IG86 already but he's only 2 star. Lately I've just been running ig88 as leader, hk, fives, lum, and JC. I'll try subbing out fives for 86 and see how it works. Won't take to long to 3/4 star 86
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