New to the Guild thing. Looking for something to join.

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Hello all,

I am based in the US, PST time. Never been a part of a guild in a mobile app so I really have no idea how this is going to work.

Daily player and have spent a fair bit to stay competitive. I am usually in the top 50 in my server and have been knocking on the top 20's door lately. Level 75 currently with the following team(suggestions for better team makeup are welcomed of course):

Phasma (Lead) -- 7* Lvl 75 Gear 8
Kylo Ren -- 7* Lvl 75 Gear 9
Magmatrooper -- 7* Lvl 75 Gear 9
Qui-Gon Jinn -- 7* Lvl 75 Gear 8
Luminara Unduli -- 7* Lvl 75 Gear 8

I have several other 7* Gear 8, close to gear 9 and leveling them up as I can get the credits to do so. I would classify myself as a hybrid PTP/FTP. Not sure how much money I have put into the game and I don't think I want to know heh.

My initial thought on the Omega is to boost Daka (almost 7* and Gear 8 @lvl 75) with Royal Guard and Dooku who I am building for the stun team.

No idea what other info to put but i am open to questions.

Um... add me? How does one join a mobile app guild?


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