Got some new packs, looking to form my end-game Arena/GW teams!

So for this Christmas, I decided to splurge and I bought 32 chromium packs and I pulled a couple of decent characters! I know that some of those characters will require more packs to get more shards, but still, I have them at 2-3* and I still think they're good enough for my level range (49).
Now that I have a good number of guys, I was hoping to really settle down and to form a strong arena team because I've spread myself too thin because I am level 49, but most of my guys are level 43-45, some even being as low as 37-40 which is really destroying my arena ranking. Just today, in my GW my final fight were characters in the mid-50's, and just because i had enough cannon fodder I was barely able to pull through (THANK YOU CHEWIE)
So I was hoping i could get some advice on who to focus and really grind shards for.
Cantina: Looking to unlock Boba fett, got Daka and Fives. Not sure if I should prioritize unlocking Boba? Or 'ing Fives (then again I could grind hard mode for shards). Also, at the moment grinding for Luke shards in 1-B.
Arena: Sidious
GW: Got Lumi, but still grinding for those Lumi shards.
NOW for my characters. I have more, but the following are really the ones I'm more focused on. For the ones in their 40's, they are all at gear V, but once I can get settled on a team, I'll grind for gear VI.
Qui Gon - 45, 3
Lumi - 45, 3*
Luke - 44, 3*
JC - 44, 2*
Chewie - 44, 4* (Maybe for Poe, for longer taunts?)
Mace - 43, 4*
Ahsoka - 43, 2*
Resistance Trooper - 42, 2*
Fives - 40, 4*
Eeth - 39, 3*
Poe - 38, 3*
Plo - 37, 3*
Kit Fisto - 37, 3*
Leaia - 36, 3*
I also got Storm Trooper Han and Jawa, but they're at level 1 and 31 respectively.
Sidious - 45, 4*
Dooku - 45, 3*
IG-88 - 43, 3*
Daka - 43, 4*
FOTP - 42, 3* (really like the damage, but really squishy)
Cad Bane - 42, 4* (like him for the stun, and bonus attacks)
FO Stormtrooper - 42, 2* (only pair him with FOTP for First Advantage bonuses)
IG-86 - 40, 2* (Only with IG88)
Talia - 39, 4*
Darth Maul - 37, 4* (Slow, want to use him though)
Cannon fodder so far, Royal Guard, Stormtrooper, Nightsister Init, General Veers, Geonosian Soldier
I'm 13 shards from Vader
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