Guild looking for active players

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For our newly made Guild we are looking for active, social and loyal players.

Guild:Legends ofthe Force

Leader: Dude (211-127-113)
Officer: Theron (165-855-495)
Officer: Mel Lacer (971-852-397)

If you're interested please add on of us as you're ally and post you're ign name here so we know who we send an invite too

Requirements to join:

Player lvl 60+
Active daily
Line ID (highly recommended)

We ask every player to contribute to the guild by completing the Guild Daily Activities.

Side note: we like to keep things friendly so being rude or disrespectful will not be tolerated.

We hope this Guild will become a fun addition to this game.

With Regards
[Lotf] Council

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  • Theron
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    I would love to join! I played with some of these people in another game, and loved it. Awesome group of positive people. Come play with us! I am lvl 74.
  • riscy
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    Pick me, pick me!!

    Also played with some people here in another game.
  • I'd like to join. Currently level 68 (almost 69), 3 7*, 2 6* (close to 7), most of which are 8 gear.
  • twixxx
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    i would like to join as well. my character name is twixxx. usually between #50-100 in the arena. my level is 74 currently. i will be 75 when the guilds launch. ally code is 899-968-161. thanks
  • I am interested, lvl 61, just started playing a month ago. On daily. Ally code 161-487-832
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