Looking for European guild


I’m a level 75 dolphin (as many of you call it). I have 20 7* toons. I’m often ranked #1 on my leaderboard at my payout time.

I’m not really a fan of the concept (guilds) because the game is getting too time-consuming and I don’t like my progress depending on other people. But I need to get the rewards, oh well. I can pull my weight in any guild but won’t have much time to chat (wife and kid are more important). Also, I’d rather not use other apps (like Line) because I’m getting too old for this …

I’m in Central European Timezone (Paris, Berlin, etc) and I’m looking for a guild based here (+/- 1 hr doesn’t matter).
I’m hesitant to join a global guild because I’m not willing to get up at 3 am to go on raids with a guild based in America.

If a guild is interested I’m sending you my ally code.

PS. Rancors are beautiful intelligent creatures and I’m calling PETA.


  • Based on your comments I would suggest applying for a guild once the feature is released.
  • Guild name: The Modal Nodes
    Leader: AdobeOne_Kenobi and J3zz
    Description: we aim to provide our members with a top quality guild with big raid payouts and regular play time, we are looking for players at the top of their game who enjoy the game and who enjoy helping others improve. We aim to be a top contending guild and we will push each and every one of our members to reach their full potential.
    Website address: wbailey1995.wix.com/themodalnodes
    visit the website and drop us a message if you're interested
  • Hi!

    Actually I am looking for the exact same thing, even though I am not quite as advanced in terms of roster depth and arena ranking. I am a mostly daily player, level 74 at the moment, got 7 toons at 7*, 1 soon to be 7*, 3 at 5*and some more at lower stars. My 11 main toons are all gear level 8. I finish GW daily, and finish arena in top 100 most of the time (hardly possible to do battles just before payout for me). Still I really like this game.

    Due to real life I won't be able to spend much time in chatrooms and would rather do the necessary communication via in game chat. That means I'd like to join a guild based on central european timezone (+/-1) that doens't require line chat.

    If your guild fits the description please drop a line here or send a PM.
    Looking forward meeting some rancors in person B)
  • @AdobeOne_Kenobi OK, I'm sending you a message at the website. Thanks for the invitation.

    @peackeeping333 Nice to meet someone with similar interests. I'm not creating a guild (no time to manage it), I'm looking for one. You might want to contact the modalnodes too.
  • I'm the GL for Victory March {VM}. We have players in EET and CET Timezones. Check us out.
  • @savetherancors thanks for the message. Didn't see the one above before i posted. Just submitted my application on their website - we will see .... Might get to meet some rancors together after all. However I am not sure yet on how to save them ;)
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