The New Rebellion (TNR) are recruiting for their European Division! Spaces available! [44/50]

Welcome to The New Rebellion!

We are proud to be the second official guild since the launch of Galaxy of Heroes, and our goal is to help each other to grow in the game regardless of your personal goal and whether you are F2P or not.

If you are looking for a friendly and competitive community then look no further than TNR. Being friendly and helping others is our main drive and we are building a community and not simply a guild. We are of course aim for the top tiers in Guilds but doing so in a more enjoyable way.

We are open to Free to play, P2P, dolphins, whales - anyone as long as you are a daily player and at least Level 70.

Let me know if interested!

Requirements to join are: Five 7* toons, finishing top 100 in arena, and able to use Line

My Line ID is: thepixie86

Thank you



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