Use Cannon Fodders to complete Galaxy War Daily

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I want to share some thoughts on how I use Cannon Fodder teams to deplete opponent's special attacks in GW.

I have a couple extra lvl 1 toons saved up. When you encounter teams that are close to your level. Instead of banging your heads straight on. Use this composition first.

2 lvl 40 toons.
3 lvl 1 toons.

This way you force the opponents to use their AOE specials, Special attacks, and taunts.

Once you are defeated, go back into the same match with your main team.

Win everytime.


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    I do this too.... didn't have the formula you have though but definitely keep my extra teams around for this purpose.
  • This doesn't work on Sidious though. You want him to waste his AoE on your main team, buys you an extra turn.
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  • Why do you want Sidious to waste his AOE on your main team? How does that gain you an extra turn?
  • Because his AoE doesn't do almost any damage, and if he's doing the AoE he isn't hitting you with his healing immunity.
  • Oh that is an interesting thought.
  • And always retreat when something doesn't go according to plan, trying swap positions of the toons in your line up to keep a weak toon alive.
  • I have been using this technique for quite some time, but it is not a guarantee. For some reason, the teams I run into just wear my A team (73-74th level) down too fast. I have taken to let my B team (64-70th level) start the war and they usually win the first 2-4 battles, but are worn out after that. Then I send in my A team. In-between battles using my A team I send in two or three of the remaining characters. I try to include one high health character to soak up the secondary attacks that target single characters. It seems to me that my roster is not large enough or they are not geard up enough. I have the following numbers by level group:
    74-70: 8 toons (gear level 8)
    69-60: 7 toons (gear level 6-8)
    59-50: 7 toons (gear level 6-8)
    49-40: 0 toons
    39-8: 4 toons (gear level 1-4)
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Since the update here is my strategy. If the team has protection and you don't with your A team. I use a fodder team to try and eliminate the other teams protection. Bring them down to my level if you will. If the suicide squad is weak. Try to eliminate my first targets protection, then create a numbers mismatch with A team. This has worked well for me sin've the protection update.
  • RNGenius works for me. Move a character, change the style of attack(basic/special) and you will be suprised at how different the enemy squad responds. Also, heal based team...if I can survive the initial round, there is no way my team loses a toon.
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