Auto-Attack suggestion

Personally, I would like at least two different auto-attack strategies... One as it is now, and one where they only use the base attack.

More times then not I find myself wanting to use auto-attack to get through the first 1 or 2 stages of battles, but I can't because I want to save the special attacks until the 3rd stage, and of course the current auto-attack will always use special abilities first. Hence if I use auto-attack then there's a good chance my abilities will be in refresh moe when I get to the hard battle.

I really think there should be more user configurable auto-attack strategies in place then just the one. I find the current mode really bad for most battles and have had things like heals going off when my entire team was over 75% health.

Looking for allies level 40+


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    I agree with you on this, particularly with Leia. Although her regular attack is awesome, using the Auto attack defaults to her going stealth (which may have some of the most awkward animation in the game). For Leia, can you set the auto algorithm to not use her stealth unless her health is below 25%?
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    I was just thinking about posting this 30 minutes ago.

    In Marvel future fight you have 'auto play' and 'auto play +' or something like that. If I could auto through the first two stages of a challenge then use all of my specials on the last round it would save so much time and energy.

    +1 great post @TreTuna
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