Need some good LS Heroes

I was sitting here looking at my roster and it occurred to me that out of my 25-30 characters, I only actively use 3 Light side characters. Luminara, JC, and Chewy. My question to you is this...

For the average player, let's say 20-50$ invested, what are some good light side choices from each area of the game? Let's exclude chromium packs.

I know everyone's favorite sniper, Luke, is a good choice from Cantina. Unfortunately I'm starring up Kylo atm.


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    There's Finn and Poe from Cantina and don't forget about your anti Droid trio, Datcha, Jawa and Eeth. :)
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    Drop Chewy out. Got Lumi to 7 from GW, Get Fives from Cantina shipment, Get you JC as far as you can. From Arena you can get Eath. Remember that if you get Lumi and JC 5-7* the res of you LS team would be not that important. Don't get me wrong - you have to get some stuff, but Lumi and JC are very powerful. I think that atm the best options to get if you are low spender are from the DS - Kylo, Phasma, Sid, Boba if you will. That doesn't mean that the LS is weaker - just the current meta is that way. Other good LS chars are Knobi and QGJ but you can't get their shards. Focus on Lumi and JC from the LS and Fives is a beast - get him asap.
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