Lvl 74 player looking for high lvl players to join my guild

Hello everyone, I'm a top player in squad arena and want to start a guild with my friends... My friends are pretty decently leveled (all lvl 60 and above) but I would also like more high leveled players that are interested in a guild to join us! I enjoy this game a lot and can't wait for guilds, I feel that we should definitely focus on enjoyment but everyone should also do their part and contribute as well.(I wish I knew how to post pictures on here so people can see my credentials but I idk how, if anyone would like to see them and can tell me how that would be very appreciated) I know this was kinda long so thanks to anyone who read it all!


  • Here's my ally code, I suppose it's the best I can do until I find out how to post screenshots 436-592-851
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