High level player looking for a great Guild!

Hey everyone, as the title says I am looking for a Guild.

Starting playing on January 1st and been playing daily since and put in more money than I would like to know haha, I get all my activities done each day and regularly place in the top 100 for Arena.

Have seven 7* toons and a handful right at the cusp. I was lucky enough to precraft and so I have some really powerful characters with Savage, Daka and Royal Guard all at Gear Level 9. I am only missing a handful of characters in general too.

I have put a good chunk of time and money into this game, as have most of you who are reading this and so while I am quite laid back I still take the time put into this game seriously.

For what it is worth I ran a top ranking Alliance in Marvel Puzzle Quest for over a year and so I know the demands!

But yeah ideally I would like to join a group full of players similar to me and is already relatively full so that we can burst out of the gate right when the update goes live! : )

(I am currently living in an EST timezone if that matters but I work remotely and so I can squeeze in game time here and there very easily)


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