Galactic War Guide (Max lvl 75/80)

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I have readed that some people is having problems to finish the Galactic War after the update, where the protection was included, or people who need a lot of time to finish the GW, maybe 45 or 60 minutes, but for me is very easy get it in between 25 and 30 minutes, and for me is easier than before the update. The problems are not only in the early levels, but also in the high levels, so I have decided publish this topic to help these people finish the GW or finish it in less than 30 minutes.

I am FTP, level 75, my best characters are 7* Geonosian Soldier, 7* Poggle, 6* Royal Guard, 7* Kylo Ren, 7* Resistance Pilot, 7* Luminara, 7* Eeth Koth, 7* IG-86, 6* Qui-Gon Jinn, 7* Sidious, 7* IG-88, 7* Poe, 6* Barriss Offee, 7* Ventress, 5* Daka, 5* Jedi Consular and 5* Rey. In bold my arena team.

In the Galactic War there are 2 important things to have in account: the healing abilities and the attack abilities. It is important make a balanced squad with enough healers and enough attackers.

The best HEALERS are:

BARRISS OFFEE: Is the best character for the Galactic War. Maybe is not very useful in the arena, because there are toons as Geonosian Soldier, IG-86 or Qui-Gon Jinn that can kill characters with only 1 hit+assist, or Rey with only 1 hit, so there is not enough time to heal the characters, but, in the Galactic War, Barriss is the best. Her healing ability is the best of the game, all allies have their current health percentages equalized and then each ally recovers 15% of their max health, it is around +8000 HP in some cases, can heal a character from 10% health to 90% health, for example. Check the following image:

You can see that Geonosian Soldier gain 7812 HP for example, is a lot of healing, and doesn't matter if the character have healing inmunity, so is a very good ability.

Then, with Barriss as leader, at the beginning of every turn the jedis gain a healing according to 6% of the Barriss health and the other allies the half of this (3%), and also the jedi allies gain 20% health and the other allies 10%. In my Barriss the healing it is +1227 HP for the jedis and +613 HP for the rest, as in the image:

Also, when Barriss attack have 45% chance for all allies to recover 6% of Barriss max health, in my case it is +1227 HP, and sometimes Barriss is the assist of GS or QGJ so there is a lot of chance to gain +1227 HP in every round. Check the following image:

In addition, Barriss has a 40% chance to dispel one random negative status from each allied Jedi and gain 9% turn meter for each effect removed.

In conclusion, Barriss is the best healer of the game and can maintain your team always with 100% health.

If you don't have Barriss, you can get she in the 6-A cantina node. Barriss is useful in the arena from 4 stars, gear 8 and skills 3-7-7-3, but the best is 7-7-7-3. Also Barriss is very useful to get Yoda, so the best is get she, because is very useful in the GW, you will save a lot of time.

LUMINARA UNDULI: Is the second best healer of the game and at the same time one of the best attackers. Also have a good leader ability if you don't have Barriss, the Jedi allies gain 13% evasion and recover health equal to 6% of Luminara's max health at the start of each of their turns, the non-jedi allies receive half of the evasion bonus and heal effect. In my case, the heal effect is around +700 HP for the jedi allies and +350 HP for the rest.

The healing ability is very nice, each ally recovers health equal to 45% of Luminara's max health plus an additional 20% of their max health on the start of their next 2 turns, so, in my case, it is +6252 HP (with the +20% health thanks to the leader ability of Barriss) and an additional +2779 HP on the next 2 turns, a total of +11.810 HP. Check the following pics:


Sometimes is better use the Luminara healing ability instead of Barriss, because the cooldown of Barriss is 5, the cooldown of Luminara is 3, and while Luminara is recovering the cooldown the allies receive +2779 HP, at the end of these healings Lumi can apply it again, so always Lumi is the priority, and only use Barriss if it is very needed, because Lumi is stunned or blocked, or because there are characters with healing inmunity.

In the attack Lumi is very strong, have a good special ability ("Force blast"), that if is critical is around 5K damage, and with offense up is around 7,5K damage:

The basic attack is between 2,0K and 2,5K damage, or between 3,0K and 3,5K if is critical, or 5K with offense up, so Lumi also is a good attacker.

The best ATTACKERS are:

QUI-GON JINN: Is the best attacker for the GW. In the arena Geonosian Soldier is better than QGJ, but in the GW the best is QGJ. He have strong abilities: "Harmonious assault" (cooldown 2), that deal special damage to target enemy and call an ally to assist that deals 75% more damage, and "Humbling blow" (cooldown 3), that deal special damage to target enemy, remove all positive status effects, and if an effect is dispelled, all allies gain offense up for 2 turns. QGJ is very useful in the attack and to get offense up, with a cooldown of only 2 QGJ is continuosly using his special abilities, and if he do a basic attack have 65% chance to gain 30% turn meter. QGJ not has a lot of health, in my case only 10.174 HP, but he gain +1227 HP at the beginning of each of his turns thanks to the Barriss's leader ability, and will be protected all the time thanks to Barriss and Lumi.

GEONOSIAN SOLDIER: Is the second best attacker in the GW, very useful to kill some character at the beginning, usually with GS and Rey or with GS and QGJ is enough to kill a character, for example to kill Sidious at the beginning to prevent the healing inmunity, or to kill the enemies Rey or QGJ. His cooldown of only 2 is very useful, with his basic attack have 55% chance to gain offense up for 3 turns and gains 50% turn meter when scoring a critical hit, so is a very good killer.

REY: Is a very nice killer at the beginning of the battle and can gain foresight continuously, so her low health is not a problem. With his first ability ("Leverage") Rey gains foresight for 2 turns if she doesn't have any positive status effects or offense up for 3 turns if she does, and is a very strong ability at the beginning, check the following pic:


The second ability is very destructive, and Rey has +23% offense as long as she doesn't have any negative status effects. Check the following image:


This special ability deal a physical damage between 10K and 12K when Rey have offense up and is critical. The cooldowns are 4, but after use both abilities she only need do 2 basic attacks and then she can use again the abilities, so is one of the best attackers of the game and in the GW, for me the 2th best in the arena and the 3th best in the GW.


Then, the following team is the best in the Galactic War:


With this team you can win all the Galactic War in around 25 or 30 minutes without lose any character.

You can see the following video in YouTube of my Galactic War using this team from the beginning. It is a video of 9 minutes with a speed x3, so the real duration of the GW is 28 minutes:


It is another video of 15 minutes with a speed x2, so the real duration of the GW is 30 minutes:



ROYAL GUARD: It is useful when you have some problem against some team, for example if the enemy squad is QGJ (L) and GS, and QGJ attacks Rey at the beginning and then GS attacks Rey again and Rey die, then you can restart the battle and replace Rey by RG, and then will be easy win the battle without lose any character. In the next battle you can use Rey again. The best is not use Royal Guard at the beginning, is better save the protection for the last battles.

YODA: Is not a very good attacker in comparison with QGJ, GS and Rey, but is a very good support character that can gain foresight continuosly, copy and apply positive effects to all allies at the same time as the AoE attack, reduce turn meter, stun, apply tenacity up ("Battle meditation") from the beginning, something very useful against Dooku teams, playing with QGJ as leader, so he have very good support abilities.

ASAJJ VENTRESS: Is a slow character but she have very useful abilities in the Galactic War, can dispel positive effects, something useful against teams with Poggle, Phasma or QGJ, and then Asajj recovers 40% of her max health plus an additional 7% for each effect dispelled, have a good AoE that refresh all cooldowns on a finishing blow, very useful in the end of the battle, and as she have 50% HP steal (the best HP steal in the game) he recovers all the HP, whenever any ally or enemy is defeated she gains offense and critical chance up for one action with a 25% chance to also gain 32.5% turn meter, and with her basic ability have 35% chance to stun for 1 turn, so is a very nice character, my favourite after QGJ, GS and Rey.

DARTH SIDIOUS: Is a nice character in the GW because recovers 17.5% of his max health whenever any unit is defeated, with a 25% chance to also gain 50% turn meter, and he has +35% evasion against jedi attacks. His AoE attack is useful in some situations, for example against teams with tanks as Poe, Han, Chewbacca or Royal Guard, if some character only have 10% or 20% health, then Sidious is useful to kill this character. Also have 15% HP steal, so he is continuously being auto-healed.

AHSOKA TANO: Is the second best HP stealer, with a 30%, and with Barriss as leader is easy maintain her health. With the basic attack she recovers a plus of health equal to 10% of her max health, increased to 15% on a critical hit, and with the special ability, that is very strong, if the target had 50% health or more all allies recover health equal to 20% of Ahsoka's max health, it is around +3000 HP, so is also a good healing ability at the same time.

IG-88: Is one of the best attackers and he have 15% HP steal, so in spite he is the second character with a lowest health, he can recover between 600 and 750 HP in every basic attack or around 3000 HP with the AoE ability, that is very useful to block abilities (55% chance), and has +45% critical damage and deals 15% more damage for each enemy suffering a negative status effect, so is a very nice character to use with Sidious in the same team.

IG-86: Is one of the best attackers of the game, very useful in the arena, in the GW is better QGJ because as jedi gain more health thanks to Barriss and it's easier maintain the health, and also Rey is easier thanks to the foresight, but if you don't have QGJ or don't have Rey, and you don't have any previous character, then IG-86 also is very useful, and if you use IG-86 and IG-88 in the same team then IG-86 have +4.5% critical chance and +15% critical damage. In the basic ability IG-86 have 50% chance of a critical hit, so would be a total of 54.5%. In addition, if the assisting ally in his special ability is IG-88, then both have an additional 75% critical damage. Then, also a good team is Barriss (L), Lumi, GS, IG-88 and IG-86.

DOOKU: His leader ability is very useful in the arena, but in the GW is not useful, in the GW the best leader always is Barriss. But Dooku can be useful against jedi teams, against teams with at least 2 jedis, for example against QGJ and Lumi, then Dooku can stun QGJ and after kill QGJ can start to attack Lumi to block her abilities and/or stun. Is not a very good attacker, but is a very useful character against jedi teams.

JEDI CONSULAR: If you don't have Barriss, then JC is a good alternative as a second healer, with his healing ability each ally recovers health equal to 40% of JC’s max health, it is around +4000 HP, and then you can use Lumi as leader, the Jedi allies gain 13% evasion and recover health equal to 6% of Luminara's max health at the start of each of their turns, the non-jedi allies receive half of the evasion bonus and heal effect. In my case, the heal effect is around +700 HP for the jedi allies and +350 HP for the rest.

PHASMA: His special ability "Victory march" is very useful at the beginning, because all allies gain 50% turn meter and advantage, and the advantage grants 100% chance to critical hit, so is very useful to kill at least 2 characters in the second round, and in the next battle you will be able to use it again.

FIVES: Against the AI is very useful, because the AI will attack Fives sometimes and then there is a lot of chance of counterattack. Also his special ability with assist is very useful and he always will be almost full of health because have almost 25K health.

SAVAGE OPRESS: Also a good tank, with more than 20K health, that gains offense up & defense up for 1 turn and has a 50% chance to gain 30% turn meter whenever he takes damage, so against the AI is a very good character because the AI have some random attacks and will make the mistake to attack Savage, so he will gain offense up and 30% turn meter a lot of times. His basic attack and special attack are quite good.

KYLO REN: Also good against the AI, because the AI will attack Kylo in spite of he have 50% chance to reset his cooldowns, so he continuosly can use his special abilities, and the AI also will attack Kylo when he have retribution, so is a nice character against the AI.

POGGLE: If you don't have any of the previous character and you only have Poggle, then can be enough, because thanks to the offense up all allies will gain +50% offense and if you have some droid, for example IG-88 or IG-86, also will gain speed up (+25%).

LEIA: It is a very good attacker, but only available for P2P players, so if you have Leia you also have the rest of characters, then is better use QGJ, GS and Rey, but if you want use Leia for fun, you can replace Rey by Leia.

OLD DAKA: These last 2 characters (Daka and RP) are added in the list, but are not very useful. The AI have some configuration and will attack Daka as the priority, so will be difficult maintain her health, and his ability is not very strong, is defensive, and is better use attackers.

RESISTANCE PILOT: From the last update, he was nerfed in his basic ability and now is not very useful, because he only gain foresight when uses the special ability, and only is 65% chance to gain foresight, so is an easy target.


● If the enemy don't have Rey, IG-88 or FOTP, kill Sidious at the beginning to prevent the healing inmunity. In the arena Sidious is not the priority, is better kill first QGJ, IG-86, GS or Lumi, for example, but in the GW is better kill Sidious at the beginning, then you can use the healing ability of Lumi and the allies will recover HP immediately and at the beginning of the next 2 turns.

Not use the special abilities at the end of the battle, save it for the next battle, and then you will be able to use the special abilities from the beginning.

If you need healing at the end of the battle, the best is use Barriss, and save Lumi ability for the next battle, because the healing of Lumi works for 2 turns.

● If the enemy have Barriss, Poe, Chewbacca, Fives, Savage, Kylo Ren, Jedi Consul, Phasma, Boba, HK-47, Poggle, Han or Old Ben, the best is keep them for the final, then your team will be healed thanks to the Barriss leader ability. Also in some situations can be useful use Royal Guard if the enemy have Fives, then you can stun Fives and prevent the counterattacks.

Not use suicide teams at the beginning, is better save these characters for the last 3 battles, then if you lose some character doesn't matter, because you can replace it for another character. For example, in the first video I lost GS and Lumi in the 11th battle, then I replaced Barriss by IG-88 as leader, GS by RG and Lumi by IG-86, and then is easy win the last battle. The 3 last battles are hard, but if you have saved your best characters for the last battles will be very easy.

If you have some problem against some team, you can restart and use a suicide team with the worst characters of your roster, for example in my case would be Ewok Scout, Teebo, Chewbacca, IG-100 and Clone Sergeant. Then, the enemy will use all special abilities against this team and in the next try you will have advantage. For example, if the enemy have Han and Poe in the same team, you can use this suicide team and in the next battle Han and Poe will not use the taunt, will need wait 4 or 5 turns to use it again, so now will be a very easy battle.

● Also if you have problems against some team you can restart and check use different strategies in the next try, for example if your team is Barriss (L), Lumi, QGJ, GS and Rey, and the enemy team have Dooku as leader at the beginning you attack Sidious with GS and Rey but Sidious evade both attacks, then you can restart and try to attack a different character at the beginning to change the RNG. Also you can try different leaders or characters, if you change Barriss by Lumi as leader the RNG will be different. If you continue having problems you can replace one character, for example Rey by IG-88, and then the RNG will be different again, so you can restart the battles a lot of times and check differents RNG.

Complete guide, level per level, about how to get rank #1 in your server everyday (F2P)
I have another guide here:
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  • Thanks man! Just great Job!
  • Good guide! Just a note, in the description of Barriss' heal you stated that Barriss gained 7k+ hp. In the picture she is actually losing 1k+ hp due to the evening of all char hp. She and QGJ both loose hp. Its still a very good heal, but that should be noted. If you look at the picture you will see a '+' and a '-' in front of the green hp numbers. Barriss, QGJ and Lumoi loose some hp due to equalizing hp. RG and GS both gain hp due to equalization. All char gain due to the 15% max health heal, but the net may be to lower some char. This is the main part of the Barriss strategy for Yoda challenge.
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    Ahmm ok thanks, I had not noticed about it hehe I will correct it in the next hours :) Thanks!!
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    Your not at the part where it gets very hard yet. Get over 35k arena power.
  • Quim
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    Still is easy, yesterday and today I won all galactic war with the same team, with Barriss, Lumi, QGJ, GS and Rey hehe maybe sometimes a droid team in the last battle for fun (Poggle, GS, IG-86, IG-88 and Poe). The last 3 battles are easy if you have all roster available. The best is use the basic team for all battles or sometimes use Royal Guard if is needed, and then the last battles are difficult but if you have 20 characters available for the last 3 battles, then are very easy.
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    I did it yesterday and is not a problem with Barriss as leader and Lumi helping in the healing. In every turn the jedi allies gain +1200 HP thanks to Barriss, and if you have problems you can use the Lumi's healing and in every turn the allies will gain and extra of +3000 HP, a total of +4200 HP or +3600 HP during the next 2 rounds, and full health in the first turn, so is not a problem during 3 turns. Also you can use Royal Guard and stun Fives and if you have problems you can use Daka and Royal Guard in the same team. So my team against Fives is always full health thanks to the healing. The only problem is when you not have healers, or you only are using Barriss or Lumi, or you are not using Barriss as leader.
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    Well done guide :) Thx !
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