Characters button always displaying "3+"

Hi all,

The Characters button has been showing the red 3+ circle for a while, but when I go into my characters there's nothing to indicate an upgrade/level up etc. Am I missing something or is it an issue with the game? It is always there, regardless of the amount of materials/gear that I have.

I have attached an image of the Characters button and the character list. Thank you in advance. :)




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    I'm assuming you are level 37. It's likely showing because you have 3+ character that can be trained up to 37. This is regardless of whether you have the training droids to do it
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    I too wondered about this and after doing some testimg ive figured out why. It has nothing to do with training level. The number marker will ignore character levels regardless if you have droids or unmaxed lvl chars or not. The actual reason for the marker is that you have craftable equipment items that is 1 level down. Or to put it another way you can craft parts of what is required to create some equipment you need but not all you need to craft the full thing. For each such subcrafting item available the number marker will be +1. Very often since many of the characters will need the same gear it will jump to 3+. Even though you can't actually do anything useful in the screen. I think this is either an oversight or just bad game design and should be patched to just show a marker when you can craft a full equipment item rather than just parts of one
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