Availability unbalance between the Light Side and Dark Side?

Is it just me who thinks CG favors the Dark Side? If you look at the available heroes, I find that most of the powerful/desired Light Side heroes are not farmable whereas most of the Dark Side heroes can be farmed.

Light Side
  • Most of the "useful" Jedi's (except Luminara, Barriss and JC): Non-farmable
  • Lando: Non-farmable
  • Leia: Non-farmable
  • Rey: Non-farmable
  • Tanks (Stormtrooper Han, Chewie, Mace Windu, Fives and Poe): Farmable
  • Luke: Farmable
  • Ashoka: Farmable
  • Jedi Anakin (haven't come across him in a single Arena match): Farmable
  • Eeth Koth (same as Anakin. Never seen him): Farmable
  • Dathcha (same as above): Farmable
  • Admiral Ackbar (meh): Farmable

Dark Side
  • Darth Sidious: Farmable
  • Kylo: Farmable
  • Phasma: Farmable
  • Boba Fett: Farmable
  • Count Dooku: Yes, farmable
  • Old Daka: Farmable
  • Asajj: Farmable
  • Poggle: Farmable
  • Droids (IG-88, HK-47, IG-86): Farmable
  • Darth Vader: "Farmable" (sort of. You are farming him as you progress)

I hope CG makes some changes so that the current/future Light Side heroes are more available...


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    The biggest problem for LS imo is that QGJ is not farmable. I like Aayla but I will be careful about her cuz I haven't met her so don't wanna comment. Mace is tricky to play with but he is farmable, Ima Gun - Di is farmable, Eath is strong as is Anakin. Don't underestimate the future Vader. He is strong, has decent dmg, pretty tanky, his basic has heal immunity. Plo Koon is farmable - don't know what do you want. Only Kenobi, QGJ and Leia are hard to get.Ls is strong - don't think that Sid and DM can singlehandedly to win against LS team. The most Arena top teams are hybrids. So I haven't seen any only DS teams in arena neither only LS teams. Hust the hybrids are strong. Perhaps First order team is the only full ds team, but again most of them use luminara.
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