Timing of the update and Guild Activity Tier clarification

Hi everyone –

We are wrapping up the Release Notes for the big Guilds and Raids update, and Jesse plans to have those posted tomorrow.

In advance of that, there were two things I wanted to clarify: the release timing and Guild Activity Tier requirements.

Release Timing

I’m seeing lots of questions about this, so I wanted to share what I can.

Biggest thing to know is that while we always attempt to keep to our plans, things can happen which disrupt them. Please keep that in mind in the event we cannot stick exactly to the timing I outline below.

The update is planned to happen in two main steps.

The first will happen Sunday evening, Pacific time. This is when the new version of the game client (the application that runs on your phone / tablet) will be posted.

It will be an optional update at first and will not have all of the features and content of the full update.


Well, because it takes time for the updated client to propagate around the world. We have to give it time to do so to ensure everyone has access to it.

If you want to grab the updated client, you’ll need to manually do so by going to the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store and getting the update once it shows up as available to you.

The second step will happen Monday morning, Pacific time. This is when the content and data to support the update will be pushed out to everyone. At this point, updating to the new client will also be made mandatory. This step will require everyone to restart their game.

At that point, the update is fully live and globally available.

Guild Activity Tiers

People have been responding to data mined information about the update, including details about how the Guild Activities will work.

We have continued to tune and tweak much of the game, and so some of that information is out of date.

One piece I want to highlight is that we changed a few of the activities that relate to Light Side, Dark Side, and Cantina Battles. These Guild Activities are being switched from completing the battles to expending Energy or Cantina Energy.

We made this change because for higher-level players, the previous approach was incentivizing them to play the lower stage battles whereas they would normally want to play the higher stage battles to earn the better rewards from those battles. We even saw some players commenting on this, and so we made the change.

Jesse will be posting the updated information on how these work and the updated data this weekend.

Hope that all helps!

Thanks. :-)
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