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Many if not most of the guilds active here are concerned with having a strong collection of toons. Even some who emphasize other things might end up with only high-level players as an accident of other requirements (established friendships/ally relationships, etc., that have to have time to mature, which also permits time to raise toon levels quite a bit).

While I have only nice things to say about the guilds that do exist here, I'd like to have a place where my kids can join even though they are streaky players (some days completing all their activities, some days not logging on at all) and play with me. There isn't currently a welcoming place for kids that I can find. That's made me want to start a new collection of guilds: Hera's Hands.

I have not a single 6* toon, but I have a broad collection of toons, 27 of them, with only 3 1*, 2 2*, then 5 or 6 3* and the rest 4* & 5*). I'll have a 6* Lumi in a few days, but I'm still planning on bringing most of my 2* and 3* toons up to 4* before I idle them. I know many players collect characters like Magic the Gathering cards. If that's you, then you likely aren't acquiring many 7* characters either.

Because of the way raids work, with minimum star-levels for participating toons, it can be hard for a new or casual player to gather the toons to participate. I intend to form a series of guilds that function as "farm teams" for guilds further up the power-ladder. There will be requirements, but they are intended to be easy to meet and to feed into the requirements of the next tier. Hera's Hands will be a success if

1. Everyone has fun
2. The guild helps you gain and promote enough characters to motivate you to quit the guild
3. You enjoy your guild mates enough to join the next guild up the power-ladder when you quit the guild that helped you get there.

The related guilds, as I have imagined them, would be these:

Syndulla's Straight: For players with a mish-mash of toons, rarely forming tightly-themed squads or having good synergies. With just your starting toons, you should have characters from 1* to 3* by the end of your first few days of play. You can join Syndulla's Straight immediately with those starting characters, but we expect that people will belong to Syndulla's Straight long enough to have at least one 5* toon before graduating.

Syndulla's Straight will regularly run raids at 1* and 3* levels. Players are encouraged to create and share screen shots of a squad with one toon of each star level, 1* to 5*, forming their own Syndulla's Straight. The regular 1* raids will allow you to play toons that you might not have a chance to play otherwise - the Royal Guard, for instance, is a good toon that is hard to promote, as are some of your Bronzium characters. Play them here & have fun during your first month in the game!

The Three of Staves: When you have enough toons to field 3 squads, with at least eight toons at 3* or above you're probably ready for the Three of Staves. The Three of Staves will run almost exclusively 3* raids, with some room for flexibility if the membership wants to run a raid bringing along their 2* characters or if they decide there are enough players ready to run a single raid on the 4* level. However, you would be encouraged to quit The Three of Staves and move on if you find yourself with enough 4* characters and enough motivation to want something harder.

Players are encouraged to create and share screen shots of a "full house" squad: fives over threes or fours over threes. Typically this will mean 3 5* or 3 4* toons in a squad with 2 3* toons. (The toons that aren't 3* are in a group of three, get it?) However super-extra bonus points are given if you have CT-5555 at 3* as the leader of a toon of all 3* characters. Super-double-extra bonus points if those other four toons all wield Light Staves (like the JKG & Savage Opress & Darth Maul). I don't think there is a playable 4th toon that wields a light staff yet, but we can hope!

The Four of Flasks: When you wish to move up from The Three of Staves, The Four, I hope, will be there to welcome you. Raids will be exclusively 4* events. Players are encouraged to screen shot and share squads that include 4 scoundrels and one toon that is entirely too serious.

The Five Sabers: The promotion from The Four is to The Five Sabers. Raids will be almost exclusively 5* events, though I expect that players will jump right from The Sabers to more serious guilds with squads of 7* toons, so some 6* events are possible. Players are encouraged to screen shot and share squads that include 5 light-saber users (no saber-staff users, those are for The Staves!)

I am happy to be the guild master of one of these, but I can't belong to multiple guilds at once. Therefore, if you like the idea of helping each other build up characters and having a place to play and chat before you reach the big leagues, I'll need to recruit you to guild-master one of these four fine groups.

Please leave your interest, your preferred group, and your ally-code below!
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