The Last Order 50/50- Closed

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Hello all.

The last order is recruiting active members to our guild. We're looking for players who are active, willing to contribute for raids, and who have a complete 7* team.

Line ID is a must.

Bjpac is my line ID if u have any questions.

Need 4 more and gtg!!!
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    I'm looking join! I am level 75 with 8-7 star characters. Rank between 20-50 each day, active F2P player, playing since late December.

  • jaystarkiller
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    I'm level 75 with 8 7* G8/9 Toons top 5 in my arena hitting #1 at least 3 times a week if that's good enough guys?

    My line I. D is JayStarkiller
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    Yea what's ur line ID??

    Bluestar whatswhat's ur ID as well?
    I'm bjpac if u want to message me
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    Lvl 74 with 13 7* toons all at lvl 73. Handful of other toons at 4 and 5*. Top 50 daily.

    ID: Char Lie Tao
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    Looking to join. Currently at level 75, EST and been playing since early December. I currently have 10 7* (all geared to 8, with some at 9). I play every single day, and finish 1-10 in Arena. My ally code is 218-641-415 .
    line id: legiant
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    Need a clan to join 7* characters and 8* stars ally code is 266-341-987. Level 75 play 10+ times per day. EST zone player. Thanks
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    Yuge jazz I search ur ID doesn't come up...
    Hades do u have a line ID?
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    ID: JakeTheDogg
    I have 8 total 7 star heroes with many sitting at 6 waiting to be put into a team comp.
    Almost always finish in arena payout top 5 with
    QGJ (lead) 7*, yoda 7*, Ashoka 7*, lumi 7*, Poggle/mace 7*
    Ally code: 817-165-695
    I have the line app, ID is JakeTheDogg
    Almost level 75, I finish quests, GW and challenges every day please invite if you are looking for a dedicated player
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    Lvl 74 player looking for a guild

    ID: Obi Ponchini
    Six 7* toons
    Highest power: Geonosian Soldier @ 6737
    I play daily, completing all challenges and activities

    Ally code: 881-669-637
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    We are up to 48/50...2 spots left!
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    Hi I would like to join
    Level 74
    very active player
    Very competitive player
    Ally code: 844-849-567
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    Message me in line please... Bjpac. Obi I tried to find u and couldn't.
  • Ragnarocker
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    Hey, I'm interested, should have probably considered guilds a little bit more before the ball dropped. I'm a competitive player, level 75, play every day, 2 full teams of 7*, top 100 pvp, clear GW daily, I'm not exactly f2p, but I'm not a huge spender, I only spent money to guarantee completing a 7* yoda, so when it's something "elusive", I'll get my wallet out.

    884-914-488, getting line set up now, will edit this post when ready.

    Name on line is Ragnarocker.
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    Line ID: theiceduke

    Player level: 75

    Galactic War completions: 62

    Current Arena Rank: 78

    Number of seven star characters: 9

    Ally Code: 347-552-168
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    Level 74 about to be 75. 1 gear 9 7*, 3 gear 8 7*, a gear 9 4* vader, and several gear 8 5*.

    Line ID: senseientique

    Ally code: 331-992-736
  • Bjpac04
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    OK guys we are full for now!!
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