Guild for Top 100 Players?

I'm really confused about the guild thing, and wanted to make sure I'm in a guild with like-minded individuals, so are any of the other top 100 players in a guild? I'm currently #32


  • I have 16 7* characters as well.
  • I'm ranked 150 right now usually around 60-170. I have about 10 people lined up to join already you would like to join us. Most are level 70+ a few are real life friends. I have 13 7* characters myself most level 75. Let me know if you're interested.
  • we all use the same chat from another game Star Wars Force Collection. Everyone is super friendly and cool. That's the main thing. we don't want **** people ruining the atmosphere. We like to win, but life comes first and everyone understands that.
  • Starblade, I'd be interested in joining as well. Between 50-75, level 74, 9 seven stars, central time zone.

    Ally code: 199-893-835
  • Wagz: Cool just started another thread and had another person join. Once the guild system goes live, I'll figure out a way to contact you with name
  • I have 5 7star toons and play everyday. I've reached rank 6 once and usually hover around rank 60. I'm interested in joining a elite guild.
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