Ship synergies - what to expect?

Biggs Darklighter is one of the characters that has "built in ship synergies" (quote from character description).

So what should we expect? Is everyone having the same ship class, or will there be a difference for dark side vs light side?


  • I would imagine it be similar to the current arena's now. Maybe different space scenes for battle. Now sure how the attacks would work. I don't think using the same attack position as characters would work. I mean having five ships fly in for attack and fly back to position. That would be lame!

  • Oh! So if you have Biggs Darklighter AND the T-65B X-wing starfighter you gain an advantage for the starfighter (but not for biggs)? Is that what they mean by "ship synergies"?
  • Who knows, maybe the line is only a joke? It well be fun to see what they come up with though.
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    If you look at the splash when cold starting the game, you can see the ships. They are all firing, indicating that they are units and not just scenery. I am guessing that ships will be to SWGOH what large creatures are to HoDA (rhe other similar to this one game that was made by CG).

    In development, prior to global release, the developers (CG) removed ships from the game. They said it just wasnt ready and had to be removed. They did not say if they would include them later or not, just that to release the game in time for the movie, ships had to be removed.

    As for Biggs ship synergy, most likely CG overlooked this when pulling ships out. They probably changed his kit, but forgot/missed changing the heroes description text.
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  • If you look at the Jabba-wannabe (scroll to the right, behind the GW desk), he has an unavailable desk in front of him with ships.
  • It comes with the DLC. Did you buy a season pass?
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    Cg's portfolio page for this game boasts starfighter combat.
  • theres too many "pilots" to not think they're going to be integrated in some way
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    Biggs Darklighter (Lukes broh)

    Also, notice we don't have normal Han Solo and only Stormtrooper HAN? Whers Lightsaber Luke? YODA? Gen Grevious?!?!?! Im thinking theres gonna be variations of characters. Especially noticed that Ray and Ren don't have leader abilities but Finn does? I'm sure Episode 8 will have a variation of Rey and Ren OR they might swap out abilities. So many possibilities. ILOVETHISGAME
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