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  • Kevinli99
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    Hi TruffleJones,

    What is your ally code, we would love to have you in Guild Imperial. We are composed of all rank 1 players. lvl 75+
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  • Skye
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    Truffle we still got a space for you if you want in on our shard group we were talking about!
    We got a fair number of the top 20 arena in the guild now...

    But for some reason the game shows you in some guild called "Hi I'm matt"

    That's why I wasn't able to send you an invite...

    The whole guild system has been buggy as heck.. Irics got booted three times! Mojuba once and apparently he's in some guild that he didn't even join!

    Message back in that message thread if you still want in...

    Former crazy person of the guild "Shard Awakens"... *quit game 13th July 2016*

    Game used to be fun when it wasn't a grind... if I wanted a grind I would have went and played old school Everquest or some Korean MMO!
  • The TuskenRaiderzz guild would love to have you. Just reply with ally code.
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