Top Guild FISBU, recruiting committed top players to join very active guild

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Hello everyone - I am the guild leader for “Force Is Strong Between Us” guild, or FISBU for short, maybe you have seen FISBU in the name of players that top in the arena, we do not make name changing mandatory, it shows that you are dedicated to the team and it gives you protection from other members of the guild and other guilds that we have an alliance with so you won't get attacked by them in arena.
we are a very active guild. And we are always helping each other. For example sharing strategies, and news with each other, there is a lot of communication in the guild.
Both F2P and P2P are welcomed, most of us are F2P though, We do have the need for P2P since they help us the most to finish tier 6 and heroic quickly. Which means more prizes for all.
We are looking for top players that are level 73 or above and that top in arena to at least top 100 and that contribute 600 bank coins to the guild daily.
My time zone as the leader is -6 GMT, or for us here in the US is mountain time zone.
Right now we are finishing tier 6 raids and as soon as we level up some more we will be hitting heroic.
If you are interested in joining a very promising guild. please apply below,
We are going to need the following information with any other details you would like to be considered in your application.
• Name:
• Level:
• Amount of 7* and 6* characters:
• Current arena Rank:
• Your commitment that you will contribute with your daily guild activity and participate in raids
• Any other information you would want us to know:
If you have any questions then add them to your post and I will answer them as soon as I can.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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