Looking for competitive and friendly EU or UK guild


I (P2P) would like to join a competitive and friendly EU or UK guild.

I am 1 hour ahead the time zone of UK (so that I can coordinate with guild event timely).
I am of the 1st or 2nd rank in SA almost all the time (so that you know I am daily active and progressing rather fast).
I am level 60 at present (and progressing rather fast with 840 total energy refill daily, but hopefully have enough power for now for completing guild missions).
I am able to use Line app if needed (which provides a more engaged communication for guild missions than that of in-game chat).
I will be having my third 7* hero (65/100 shard in Arena Store at present) shortly, in 2 days because my server is quite new (24-25 days old); on the other hand, I will be having my fifth 7* hero (75/85 shard in Cantina Shipment Store at present) in 14 days, tenth 7* hero in 28 days so that you know I am constantly progressing towards 10 or more 7* heroes, which may be more suitable for guild missions than stopping at 5 7* heroes.

Please advise as necessary.


(My Ally Code: 531-122-251)
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