Who is worth farming in Arena Shipments after Sidious?

Just go Sidious to 7 stars. Who is worth it in the new meta? I suspect tanks like Savage Opress are a good bet?


  • Waqui
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    If looking for a tank then Storm Trooper Han is your next goal after Sidious. Now that counter attacks redirect to the tank he will manipulate turn meter even more.
  • KeKattia
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    I agree ST Han is probably the best option.

    Savage also has a nice kit and Admiral Ackbar could become a great toon with the update.
    Also Asajj Ventress is great, however, now that health steal will no longer work on healing immunity she might not be just as good anymore
  • If you want dark side characters, Savage is amazing and under-rated. I have heard ST Han is great, I just haven't gotten him yet. It's all up to you though. Droids are making a come back, so they are viable as well and if you want Yoda, eeth koth is a decent option as well
  • Sikho
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    ST Han is a sure bet.
    Ackbar seems better now, especially paired with Lando.
    Savage is a good all-arounder
    Greedo is a dark horse, I'm looking forward to Scoundrel Han, there might be a scoundrel synergy coming
  • Moff tarkin baby
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