lvl 74 West coast LF Competitive Guild

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edited April 2016
Title says it - was joined up with a competitive UK based guild as of this morning but realized the time zone thing really screws up your contribution so I would really like to be in a West coast competitive guild. Here are my stats:

Level: 74 - almost 75. Have played every day except 1 since launch
Arena Rank: Consistently top 100, most of the time rank 50-75
GW: Complete every day
Dailies: every day
# 7*: 12
# 6*: 7
Gear lvl 8: 11

Main arena squad: Phasma, QGJ, Poggle, dooku, Lumi

Would like to join a competitive guild - Ally Code is 793-993-243
Have LINE app installed, will give ID once I join up with someone, send a PM

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