Level 75 Player - Seeking an active guild

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I play throughout the day off and on, finish all the dailies, etc.

8 7* Characters
8 6* Characters
2 shelves of gear level 8, 2 characters short of 4 shelves of purple.

Arena - 90-110 typically. Occasional charges to 30's.

I know another very similar player, started shortly after I did, also looking to join.

Ally Code: 483-498-684


  • Just created Blue Ghosts. I am working to hit max 50 players by the end of the day. Guild goal is to hit the raid tiers every day to make sure everyone who wants the best gear can get it. We'd love to have you if you're interested. I'll send you an all invite.


  • Dredin
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    I just joined one, but will be monitoring activity. I'm an active player and obviously would want the same from a guild. I'm sure there will be some players moving in and out of guilds based on activity and preferences.
  • My name is Kent nearly at lvl74 would like an invite
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