Competitive EU Player Looking for Guild

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Hi there!
I'm an avid and ambitious gamer with a successful background in some online games over the past decade. About two months ago, I picked up this game, too and got hooked on all the min/maxing aspects. Therefore, I'm looking for a guild to join (best would be to fill a few of the last spots) to max out the effectivity of my efforts. :D Competitive mindset would be nice, as I'm willing to do my fair share of efforts towards all the contributions. That said, I'll just leave you with a few facts, feel free to contact me if you have further questions. :)
  • CEST time zone. Would love to see a guild based around the same time zone, so that I don't have to get up at night for refreshes. ;)
  • constantly finishing top10 in arena, always #1–#3 since the protection update.
  • Daily GW completion
  • Daily daily quest completion, of course
I'm also good with numbers, so energy stockpiling, delaying GW attempts etc. is almost a new routine already. ;-)
Due to my "late" start, I'm currently "only" at level 74 with four 7* characters. The fifth one will be available in ~6 days, others are already scheduled for the weeks after. Gearwise I'm sitting on seven characters with current max gear that are awaiting upgrades with raid gear.
If you're interested, please PM me here with general guild data (time zone, member count, aspiration) or simply link to your own thread. ;-)
Thanks for reading.
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