First Order Bloodbath 46/50 needs 4 more members

Hello I am the guild leader of First Order Bloodbath, we are a fun, social and active guild that currently have 46 members out of 50. We are looking to do guild raid tomorrow and need 4 more 70+ players that can help us. Our raiding time is 5pm GMT and would love players that could come on then. To apply you must put a few details about yourself as places are limited and we need to pick 4 that can lead us to glory! You must put:
1. What level you are
2. How many 7* characters you have
3. How active you are
4. What your arena rank is
5. Your ally code so if I chose you I can invite you

Thank you very much and I hope some of you apply so we can fill those final places and do the raid very soon.
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