Vader, Sid, Ren, Maul Oh My

So my current team for Arena is:
5* Phasma (L) - Gear 6
5* JC - Gear 7 (11 from 6*)
5* Lumi - Gear 6
4* DM - Gear 6
4* Kylo - Gear 6

All are level 45, total of 13,587 power. This team does pretty well, I'm working on gearing them us as fast as possible but I just unlocked Vader yesterday, haven't really invested anything into him, and I'll be unlocking Sidious tomorrow after Arena rewards are passed out as I'm only 5 Shards from unlocking him, so my question is if I should just continue with my current team or should I look to add in Vader and Sid into my line-up once I'm able to gear them to similar power levels.

To add to that I also have 4* Luke, 4* Leia, 5* Cad Bane, 5* Old Ben, and 5* QGJ as some stronger contenders for a spot in my team as well. I have a lot of other heroes but these are some of the more notably starred that I have to consider as options for my team.


  • Qeltar
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    Sid is incredibly useful and can be leveled up quickly. Unless you are going to pump a lot more $ into the game that DM will be outclassed quickly. A 4* DM rarely gets a single attack against any team of mine, he is dead in 2 or 3 hits. If he does get a hit, it's not an AoE because he's blocked, and then he dies.
    Old Ben can be a very strong character, lots of utility and health. Leia is also strong and currently bugged. Vader IMO is overrated and with the characters you have, not even worth training up. (Why overrated? Because everyone gets all excited about the huge Culling Blade hits, but it's rare that this works, and most of the time he's just a big slug who sits there and you kill him at the end. He can't be starred up, and you have better options.)
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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    So 4* DM needs to be eventually replaced by who? Also I'm not a huge money spender, though I've spent more than i want to admit, I do spend some money, am debating about dropping another $20 as we speak to see if I can hit another Leia shard to get her to 5*.
  • Telaan
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    I'm jealous of your available pool of toons. A 5* old Ben? I guess we all have different definitions of what a big spender is. I'd be willing to drop more money on this game if it wasn't gambling.
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    Agreed, I would spend more money if it wasn't gambling.
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