Is it possible to play higher levels without spending?

I have read over many of the threads of those starting out and it seems like those early characters quickly lose their attraction as one levels. I'm just wondering if there are any free characters I can play all the way through. Also are there any particular characters I should be hunting shards for? Appreciate any help.


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    Simple answer is yes, absolutely. I just shared a moment ago, but the combination that is most common in the top 50 at the moment on my server (soft launch) is some combo of:

    Sid (Arena shipments)
    Lumi (GW shipments)
    Poggle (GW shipments or shards)
    IG86 (Cantina, Shards or GW)
    IG88 (Arena shipments)
    Captain Phasma (GW Shipments)
    Dooku (Shards, unfortunately)

    Beyond these, other relatively easy to farm characters that have good lifetime value are Jedi Counselor, Genosian Soldier, Fives/Boba.

    I just started a second FTP account recently and my early priorities were Jedi Counselor + Lumi (for GW to help me to get the max credits per day), Sid in Arena, Old Daka in Cantina Shipments (for GW and Dark Side heals) and Geno soldier early on in Cantina for DPS (soon to shift to JC then IG86). For JC, Lumi and Sid I'll get them to 7 star before moving to the next most likely.

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    The only money I put into the game was the 5€ doku pack, and while I regret not getting the droid pack, I'm not planning to spend more unless there are great offers < 20€. This said, I'm level 58, I always finis in top 10 in arena, I don't remember a day where I couldn't clear GW. Overall, I feel that this game offers 2 business models: either you put thousands of dollars into the game, or you can just go f2p.

    Early characters do lose their potential fast, but you will find a lot more to substitute them with. For example, darth sidious and luminara are among the best characters in the game (lumi is the best healer by far, and one mean attacker too) and they are both easy to farm, especially luminara (I have her to 7* and I've been playing one month)

    I woudn't worry about not being able to play the endgame without spending, this game is still pretty casual (I do hope that harder content will be added, I can't say I enjoying autoing 90% of the content right now..)

    Just remember: manage your crystals intelligently, don't gamble them on the chromium packs, focus on farmable characters and spend crystals on refills only so you can get more shards and more gear.
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    NO $ spent here. Rank 6 at Arena atm. Got luck with bronziums to get Darth Maul. But Lumi, Sid and JC are running my team. I have always finished my GW and have no problems with anything but DS battles.
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    Yes of course mate...Im F2P players with several times #1 in my young just need to know which characters are good playing together as a team...and try to be active before the server gift rewards...hehehe...Beat many times ppl stronger than me due to many, IT IS REALLY POSSIBLE...
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    It will be a tad slower but totally do able. I'm running a second account totally f2p and it hasn't been hard so far.
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    Of course we Can . I don't spend money and i am first on arena since 15 days now .
    Against many spenders level 60
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    Mostly FTP (bought dooku and two weekly crystal packs for $15 total) and generally in top 20 arena and winning GW more often then not. I might even be a little higher but I've been using resources on my long run arena team to a great extent.

    That said, what none of us really knows is what the landscape will look like at 60. I suspect that it will be very difficult for FTP players to compete at the highest levels in arena.
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