Kylo or JC ??

Who should i get ?


  • Other heroes? JC is great especially f you don't have Lumi.
  • No jc is good with lumi . 2 healers is really usefull
  • I am wandering betwee both for Cantina shards. JC is strong and he is in my prime squad, but Kylo is not te be left. So i want to hear some thoughts on what should i focus.
  • I switched to kylo after 5* jc. I only use hin in GW, but once kylo gets 7* i would use him everywhere i can. He seems too decent to pass on
  • I switched to kylo after 5* jc. I only use hin in GW, but once kylo gets 7* i would use him everywhere i can. He seems too decent to pass on

    My thoughts were similar. My JC is 5* and I am wandering if I should farm him till 6-7* or should i go all in for Kylo
  • I don't know what to do either. I have a 5* JC also but I don't know whether to switch to Kylo ren :(
    seriously devs? GW refresh change was a low blow for more $$$
  • Having jc at 5* is good esp in gw to pass all 12 rounds..u can still continue farming on him if you plan to get kylo in cantina because jc has three locations to farm in hard mode, but kylo is in cantina only. If you lack dark damager for mission and to add him to your aoe team in arena, you can farm kylo now in cantina. Just level up jc's skill to 6 esp his group heal
  • GW is not problem to me. The problem is that I like JC a lot. He is in my arena team alongside Lumi and i like it. But i want to make AOE squad with Phasma leader and i will get Kylo one way or another. But with the game, still new, i don't know what to do. It seems that the both choices are good, but still .... Darn, I guess I'll focus Kylo and get JC from Hard missions.
  • JC is the Jack of all trades he's useful anywhere
  • 5* is PVP viable from what I see and some 4* can be fine (Vader, Ben, etc.) - I'd go 6* on JC max. Burning a milli credits to 7* something doesn't seem to be a great use of resources. There's diminishing returns on stars. Gear is what I'd max on JC. Just for disclosure, I have a 7* max gear 8 JC. He's my main guy in GW. Cooldown of just 2 on his heal. Barriss leader he's healing for 4200+. So he's my guy - big JC fan. But, if you're ok in GW and I'm assuming you're ok in light maps, I think it's good to start diversifying your roster to include AOE and some tanky dark toons. There's not a lot of good healing for dark toons and tanking through the later aoe maps is a good option (or evading). Kylo will hold up really well on even level 6 hard maps. He has a very strong single shot damage potential on his special and he has negative status effects on his basic. His AOE is not that strong, but it's still helpful to punch all toons especially if some are weakened and there is a taunter. I'd only push JC to 6* if you feel he needs a bit of a bump. If you haven't brought him to gear 8 yet though, I'd do that rather than farm his star level higher - you'll get a lot more benefit out of that than the star in terms of his performance. Then you can work on Kylo.
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    as you get farther in the levels, 55+ if you don't have a 6* Gear 8 JC, then don't even bother bringing him. I love my JC, he is an animal and his cooldown boost on his basic attack is great. Kylo is great, but slow, if you hit a team with 3 faster toons, they will kill him before he gets off an attack.

    my advice is JC to at least 6* (which can happen in about 10 days or less with all the places to farm), then go after kylo.
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