Is the AI really broken or just adapting to the player base??

Ppl only complain when they are the attacker. What about when your the defender? Did you ever think the reason your holding you PVP spot is because of the AI. The AI was probably to easy now that ppl are starting to have better teams. Would you still hold your PVP spot if the AI was easier?


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    What are you talking about? People aren't complaining the AI is too hard, we're complaint that the AI is stupid. Between Talia trying to heal herself when she's low on health, to chewbacca taunting when he's the only one left alive, and every other stupid AI decision. If anything people are complaining that the AI is too easy, and that we want it to be better and more challenging.
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    It's likely that your rank went unchallenged or had good RNG. You're naive to assume otherwise.
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    I assumed that since the same dev's that created HODA would use the same AI mechanics that they used in HODA. The AI was similar but we have attacks logs to show the the AI help hold your position in PVP. So, I don't think it is naive at all. I would say that it is naive to think otherwise.
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