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As the title states the leader of my guild left. Prior to leaving, he did promote 2 officers. Can the officers do everything, or are we wasting our energy/credits/whatever staying in a guild with no leader? Essentially, can the officers run everything, or do we HAVE to have a leader?


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    I honestly don't know. I'd recommend putting in a ticket for help. They should at least be able to promote an officer to leader. Hope it works out for you. If it doesn't, may have to create another guild. Also welcome to join nWo Wolfpac. We'd love to have you. Best of luck!

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    I'm almost certain your leader didn't leave voluntarily. There is a bug that kicks leaders out of their own guild. The Bugs forum is full with such complaints. We are trying to get our leader back since the same happened to our, and a random dude who doesnt seem active got the leadership assigned automatically. Check that forum to see if your leader posted there. :( It's very upsetting and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.
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