Welcome to the Dads of Destiny! [DoD]

Hi my name is Kingpin2 and around two years ago I set up what now is the largest clan in a game called Destiny. Primarily made up of 46,000 gaming dads we play a multitude of games that cover all platforms and genres.

Mobile gaming is no different! If you're a dad who likes to play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes stop on by ingame and come join us.

The only rules are have fun, and respect your fellow guild mates ☺

We have a website for all things gaming and parenting aswell so don't be afraid to come say hi!

www.dadsofdestiny.net and we're also on twitter @dadsofdestiny

Come join us in what has become one of the largest digital mancave this side of the deathstar haha!

Hope to see you soon,



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    Dad here...pretty new to the game but getting along swimmingly. Ign is boogmoon cuttah
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