I see a lot of posts saying how Dooku isn't good later on but I am level 52 and Dooku seems to carve my team up with his counters and stuns in arena.
My team is currently Sid 4* leader, Opress 4*, Luke 4*, Mace 4*, and luminara 3* almost 4.
Should Dooku replace someone?


  • KTroy24
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    Dooku seems to "carve" my team up.
    Nice terminology there,
    You from NZ, Aus or Islands?
    Can't beat POE and aren't willing to change strats to defeat him? Cry nerf lol
  • Dooku is not "that" powerful , I often replace him with Old Ben. And for his "stun" ability let me just say that it's not reliable enough
  • Llewella
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    He is good at high level. It's just that he is a slow farm from two hard modes with a terrible drop rate. Often he is under stared compared to the compittion If commit to getting him to seven it should pay off it just takes a while.

    He would be really good on a multi attack assit/counter team.
  • I think mainly people are talking about level 60. At that point:

    If you are PTP there are tons of better options
    If you are FTP the big problem is how hard he is to star up. If dooku is 4 or 5 * there are plenty to heroes better at 6 or 7 *.

    Secondarily, his damage apparently doesn't scale as well as some other options at 60.

    That said, he is still on my arena team at 57 (usually top 20, mostly FTP).
  • Heronmar
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    I think people are saying that Dooku is just not worth at 60 because he can't be starred up are mildly-wrong, sure if you're a big spender and have multiple 'exclusive' toons at 7* he might not be ~that~ appealing however the reason I'd field Dooku is just because of his Jedi control and AoE deterrent capabilities, he does not seem to hit hard at all but he does not have to, you pretty much consistently get a stun off on Jedi albeit not 90% which ensures that target is dead and if the RNGesus liked your prayers enough and can get 2 stuns off? Well it just means you have won, I feel Dooku still retains his spot on most teams due to his control abilities.
  • Dooku is still pretty powerful on my team (mid 50s), but I don't consider him to be as clutch to my team as I did early on. I do like him with Phasma leading as I can often get multiple attacks for free.
  • The best defense team character period.
  • I'm 58 now and doku is getting too squishy, he's 4 star and as f2p (aside for that doku pack) it's impossible to star him up, getting him to 5* will require 1 month given the drop rate of shards in hard mode, I'm not even bothering. In a couple of weeks I'll have a 5-6* poggle the lesser who will take his spot in my team.

    Right now, at 4* and max gear he's squishy but does the job, his 90% stun against jedi does an incredible job at getting rid of luminara early in the game. I'd say, invest in him if you have it expecially if you are f2p since good alternatives will take time. But then, don't get stuck and know when it's time to move on.
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