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Had this game for a little over a week, and I've loved spending time with it so far. Definitely hooked. Sort of breezed through everything through about level 35, then things got difficult but manageable, now at lvl 42 and seems things have slooooowed down. I'm not spending any money btw.

What I mean by that is...
...haven't unlocked a character in like 4 days (although both sid and lumi will come in the next day or two)
...basically geared up my guys to level 5 or 6, and need my own level to rise before I can go further. for instance need lvl43 to unlock more LS battles before I can get Leia to lvl5 smh.
...only had GW for a couple days and can't get past 6 or 7
...only level up myself once per day
...in the arena, where I quickly shot up into the top 50, am now seeing my team get blow by squads with way more total power (I'm at like 9300)

The arena thing is definitely sort of a surprise. Only a few days ago the 50-100 range was filled woth teams around 6000, now theyre almost double that. Guess a ton of new people started playing, or a ton of people are paying or something on my server.

Anyway, sort of ran into a wall. Is this just sort of expected for a player who doesn't want to spend cash? I do everything every day. Feel like I'm close on a lot of things but the game is sort of getting repetitive at this point. For me, anyway.


  • The game slows down in the 40s and really starts crawling in the 50s. There aren't different servers. This is a common misconception. There. Are divisions of say 10k players, then when this fills there's anything partition holding up to 10k and it starts all over again. Everyone is on the same servers.

    Everyone who is F2p or only moderate spenders runs into the same issue in the Arena. People start displaying poor common sense. They start spending big wads of cash and the rest of us can't stay competitive.
  • This game goes from being able to accomplish things in hours.. To a day.. To every 2-3 days.. To a week... To a couple of weeks. :/
    However when you finally get that gear or the character you have been working on, IT FEELS GREAT!

  • Yeah, I hear you. Bummer but it makes a ton of sense. Found myself contemplating buying a pack the last day or two because of this, before I sort of snapped out of it, which is probably how the devs stay in business lol.
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    You need Sid and Lum and get them level up ASAP. Refill (50+50gems daily) gear them up.

    I was struggled at the beginning from lv40-50 i couldn't able to pass battles 7-8. But you need to use some trick like retreat. There is a thread about how to beat GW.

    I didnt really cleared the 12battles in GW until Lv51. I just completed 11 time on GW campaign. im Lv56 at the moment.
  • Nice constuctive post btw. Better to compare it to my own experience this way. You are right, it definately slows down but I'm sure it's intended. Hitting walls is what usually happens in these games. I did notice by doing dailies and refreshing energy twice a day (50 gems each), it does speed up the leveling process.
    I believe you get enough daily crystals to keep doing that for faster leveling.
    About the GW table I can only agree. I'm 60 now with decent toons after a week or 3 and I'm building towards max geared/lvl slowly. I did spend some money ofcourse like bariss and dooku pack +3 weekly crystal subscriptions. But the GW table can be unforgiving. Fortunately the more toons you gear and level, the better GW will go. Like in all RPG and mobile games it takes time.

    I also think most f2p players will catch up at least a little bit towards 60 before the next update comes. Im expecting higher levels in future updates as well, so there should be time for you to unlock more toons and gear before that launches.

    My advice, spend 100 crystals a day on refreshes which you win back in certain ways, easy to keep up. Once you are 60 focus on other areas more and save crystals for a pack which a friend of mine is doing since global launch. He got 2 1300 packs after 2 weeks and got general veers + mace windu this way. In due time f2p and p2p will matter less and less especially as the game balances out.
    Also be careful with spending mats, gold and droids since it's harder to get those at lvl 60 when you want to build/max each toon. Do your dailies and those events (especially on sundays!!) And progress slowly on arena squad.
    Judging your constructive and well thought out topic I'm sure you knew most of it already :p
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    Yeah, I've never played a mobile game like this before, so I might be what you would cosnider the "casual gamer" since the only other game i have is angry birds lol. My jaw hit the floor seeing some posts of ppl who spent "thousands" on the game. What got me in was the star wars theme, what got me hooked was the seemingly quick nature of unlocking of characers. That experience feels very different from my current experience (and it's only been a week), which leads me to believe I'll probably be done with the game in another week or two if I'm being honest with myself. I'll start work again, plummet in the arena ranks (making my grinds even slower) etc etc. I cant imagine I'll be having fun when I play the game with the same characters I've had for a few weeks (which btw are the same chars eberyone else has), working on getting like one star for a single character for days. Whenever I'm even close to considering dropping cash on a big character pack, I pretty quickly remember all this and then it's easy not to pull the trigger. Oh well. Good times though.

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