Guild Raid character borrowing.

Some of us are not into elitism and gladly accept players of lower level than us in guild. Players that are lower level either because they are F2P players or because they recently joined SWGoH. The issue of a non homogeneous guild is that the top players are penalised if the guild spend the credits on low tiers raids and the lower level players get excluded if the guild start top tier raid. And yet everyone contributes to the guild credits.

So one elegant solution to help lower level players to participate to a top tier raid would be to allow them to borrow 1 or 2 characters from guildmates to build their team. This is a similar idea to the use of a friend character in battles. And this is a nice way of creating this feeling of a guild where members help each other.


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    It isn't a terrible idea. However, the reason you want to do it I have to disagree with. High level competitive guilds do not let anyone below a certain level into them anyway. While lower level guilds will be more suitable, there is nothing wrong with this imo, players join the guild which they are suitable for so that they can play content suitable for their level.

    No low level player wants to be oneshot by heroic raids. No top level player wants to get tier 1 rewards and fight a cake walk raid, what's the fun in that.
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    Some guilds are actually based on a group of friends. While most of us are high level, some have joined the ban wagon because guilds are here. We are having t debate this issue. Punish the numbs that might lose interest or hold ourselves back...
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